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We are proud to present our Infertility treatment success story of a 44-year-old woman married since 25 years with a history of seven miscarriages, diabetes, and short cervix.

Sharing one more successful story of Orkid Hospital and IVf Center.

A 44-year-old woman, married since 25 years with a history of seven miscarriages , diabetes and short cervix(cervical incompetence).

Her previous seven spontaneous abortions were between 18 weeks and 24 weeks of pregnancy, with routine cervical Stitches were taken in the last 3 pregnancies, but nothing worked for her.

When she became pregnant for the 8th time with the 7th week of pregnancy and uncontrolled sugar.  she was advised to terminate the pregnancy in her hometown and also in our city.

One of her relatives told her to take second opinion from Dr. Kajal Mangukia  Gynec & Obst, Infertility Speciality at Orkid Hospital and IVF Center,Vesu.

Considering her past history and using the knowledge and experience of our consultant .she explained all the risks and its consequences to her. she advised for continuation of pregnancy that time  her sugar was 400.  she was referred  to an endocrinologist to control her sugar.

Within a few days her sugar was controlled with injection insulin. At the beginning of the 11 weeks early N.T.  Scan and NIPT  was done.

It came out negative  so the plan for laparoscopic abdominal cervical os tightening with mersilene tape was done under senior guidance generally laparoscopic abdominal cervical os tightening is done before pregnancy but with due risk here as PT reached to us with pregnancy so with courage and due precautions this procedure was performed in 11 weeks pregnant uterus.

All the risks and consequences were explained to her and relatives.  Patient withstood the procedure well and her husband was believing all these he directly came at 24 weeks at the time of 3D 4D sonography and he was thankful to dr kajal maniglia and finally reached 34 weeks and through emergency cesarean section. she gave birth to a 1.8 kg baby girl if it was a boy she would have thought of the name Krishna.

Thanks to Almighty God,Orkid Team , Endocrinologist, Gynecologist, And seniors guidance. She was happy to be the mother of a beautiful baby girl.