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Your body goes through lots of changes – physical and emotional during the first trimester of pregnancy. Know more about Early symptoms of pregnancy visit orkid Infertility center in surat

Common symptoms during 1st trimester of pregnancy SYMPTOMS :

First and most common pregnancy symptom are missed period.
And other symptoms are:-
 Heaviness in breast
 Nausea and vomiting
 Fatigue
 Frequent urination
 Backache
 Constipation
 Leg cramps
 Acidity and Heart burns
 Food craving

Let’s discuss them one by one:-
• Nausea and vomiting:- It occurs due to progesterone hormone.We can control it by dietary changes , taking prescribed medicine given to suppress vomiting on empty stomach and by little bit doing changes in lifestyle, do meditation etc.
• Constipation:- It occurs because of the progesterone hormones which leads to slow down the movements of the intestine. We can overcome it by changing our diet like intaking 10-12 glass of water in a day, high fiber diet which includes orange, mosambi juices and 1-2 banana per day.
• Acidity and Heart burns:- Due to hormonal changes the valve between the food pipe and stomach get relaxed, due to which acid goes in the food pipe and cause acidity .

We can control it by taking some precautions like:-
1. Avoid going to bed immediately after meal.
2. Avoid overeating.
3. Have a frequent and small meal after every 2-3 hrs.
Precautions to be followed during 1st trimester of pregnancy

Dietary changes:-
Major changes you need to do is adding high protein, calcium and high fiber in your regular diet.
1. Have a frequent and small meal after every 2-3 hrs.
2. Have green leafy vegetables.
3. Milk and milk products.
4. Have juicy fruits like orange and avoid papaya, pomegranate and sugarcane juice.
5. Have 1 or 2 cup of tea or coffee.
6. Add high fiber food, pulses and cereals in routine food.
7. Avoid spicy and oily food.
8. Avoid alcohol.
9. Avoid travelling, in case of emergency travelling by railway is safe.
10. Avoid frequent climbing of stair case.
11. Take a sound sleep of at least 8 to 10 hrs in night and 1 hrs in afternoon.
12. Avoid sexual intercourse
13. Get your regular checkup, take prescribed medicine and avoid over the counter medicine.


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