About Us

With the advancement in the medical field, there has a great list of healthcare centers offering their services in India. ORKID Medilife -  IVF Center is one of the leading healthcare centers within the country that overall provides the medical care to every kind of patient but particularly specializes in maternity, fertility and gastro surgical maneuvers.

Our History

Everything in the world has its historical background that bridges the past with a present and foretells the future. ORKID MEDILIFE is a platform whose background involves a great struggle of 35 years of a well renowned surgeon. Dr. O. D. Mangukiya is a very famous General Surgeon who is dedicated to serve humanity all through his carrier and established group of hospitals in the heart of the Surat city. His excellence in the medical field is beyond any question. He served as a president of Surgeon’s Association of India from the Gujarat Chapter.

Throughout his medical carrier of 35 years he diagnosed, treated and served the patients in all the possible best ways. As a consequence of this, he gained a noble standing as well as positive recognition in his field. As a surgeon he successfully performed various simple and critical surgical procedures within and around the city of Surat.

With his strong will power, determination and a bird’s eye view, he laid the foundations of these medical centers where a patient with any kind of ailment gets the international protocols and standards of treatment.

With the honorable idea of Dr. O. D. Mangukiya, the Mangukiya Group of Hospitals is organized into three practicing institutes:

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide primary and specialized health care facilities via our OPDs and IPDs. Our priority is to save the valuable lives with the help of our advanced medical services. Furthermore, we have established fertility and test tube centers as ray of hope for those couples who are confronting trouble in enjoying parenthood.
ORKID Medlife sticks to the standards of patient confidentiality with respect to data about medicinal services rendered there.

Our top notch maternity services are delivered by a skillful team of gynecologists, obstetricians, nurses and other caring professionals in a hospitable and comfortable atmosphere.

It has been envisioned with the full range of care from pre-birth to post-partum state, including high-risk pregnancy, painful labor and secured delivery services.

Our pleasant, home like birthing facilities permit you to incorporate your family in the critical hours of your child's life. We offer you significant serenity by giving quality consideration to all moms.

We have developed these centers with a visualization of providing excellence in quality, access and patient care. Each practicing group consists of doctors, nurses and supporting staff. This model of healthcare helps to improve as well as simplify medical needs and procedures.

With our broad spectrum vision, highly advanced technologies, specialized doctors and diligent staff, we serve you happily round the clock and throughout the year.


About Our Doctors

Our doctors are the best medical minds in the world. We have appointed highly qualified group of doctors that assures you get the exact diagnosis, the accurate treatment and the true care.

We have specialists in various fields that listen to your presenting complaints and help you accordingly at the time of need.

Our doctors, medical experts and physicians are working together like a team in an innovative way to ensure that patients make the right decisions and receive the right management.

The top notch doctors of our team include: