Female hygiene products available are

  1. a) Clothe
  2. b) Use and throw sanitary pads
  3. c) Tampons
  4. d) Menstrual cups

Today I (Dr kajal Mangukiya Gynecologist and IVF Specialist ) will discuss about Menstrual cups. It is a cup-shaped device made up of medicated silicon.

Its function is to collect menstrual blood. They are available in different colours and sizes.

Size available are small and large and Generally small size is useful for women’s less than 30yrs or women who are married but not given vaginal birth.

Large size is for women’s who are more than 30 years or who has given vaginal birth.

How to use menstrual cups:

Wash your hands thoroughly with antiseptic solution e.g. Dettol or Savlon hand wash, wash private parts now in squatting position insert the cup by folding it and putting inside the vagina, rotate it. It snuggly fits around the cervix gets airtight close if it’s correct size cup for you.

You need to change every 4hrs, /6hrs / 12hrs depending on the flow.

How to Remove:

Again wash your hands thoroughly, wash the private parts with water, tracing the tip of cup reach the base of cup with thumb and index finger , now pinch the base and rotate and slowly remove the cup, throw the fluid in toilet wash the cup with tap water/warm water with antiseptic and reinsert.

Benefits of Menstrual cup:

1) Ecofriendly

2) Cost effective e.g. Cost of pads 50 Rs. for 4 pads average one pad is costing 10 to 15 Rs. Roughly average 300 to 400 Rs. per month for pads, while cost of cup starts from 200 to 300 depending on different companies and it lasts for 1 year to 10 years depending on the cleanness and quality of water.

3) Reduce vaginal dryness as role of cup is to collect menstrual blood so vaginal PH is maintained while in tampons it absorbs the menstrual blood along with the normal vaginal secretions altering the PH and causing vaginal dryness.

4) Reduce chances of fungal infection as there will not be wetness, no itching, no rashes which is more common with sanitary pads.

5) Prevents risk of Toxic Shock syndrome: rare bacterial infection caused by staphylococcus aurous bacteria in women’s who keeps tampons for a long period of time inside the vaginal. While cups prevents such infections. Symptoms of these infections are fever, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, low blood pressure etc.

6) It’s a boon for working women’s athletes, cyclists, swimmers, marathon runners, hiking, obese women’s.

7) No headache of disposal, staining.

Stay healthy, save yourself and save environment.

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